Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

2Moons beta

I have been playing for about a week now.BTW Thanks for the Heads up Kate. /me likes. Plus it has way cool load screens. It seems to me to be a mixture of "most" of the stuff cool about WoW,Eq2 and FFXI . The action is fast paced for the most part, and the gear system is cool. Due to it being a beta it may actually have more features in the full version. Other than some MMO lag in heavy traffic zones I haven't had any bugs or glitches. I wish you could "Make" your Toon like in eq2, hell at this point WoW has more options to customize your toon.The Class you choose has one model, So the only thing that makes you look different is
the armor you have on. There is allot to this game, has to be with 150 lvls. One thing I enjoyed was the integrated Mp3 that just works no matter what your doing,pretty nice for a beta. Check it out if your board its free to play right now.
2Moons site

Onit lvl 22 Segit Hunter Tristein-Oread.