Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BF2 Disks become usable again!

Kasper aka Garand posted something about this Mod on the forums, He and I an Ambiance force got a chance to play for a bit tonight. I will be playing ALOT of this over the next few months. Back in the day Desert Combat was THE best thing about BF1942 (IMO). Now we have Dcon a bf2 mod based on DC!

In December 2005, Desert Conflict made available a Capture the Flag Mini-Mod. On March 30th, 2007, we released a full-blown Mod which contains many new vehicles, maps and weapons. These new items, which have been designed from the ground up, are loosely based upon a previous BattleField 1942 Mod.

Some of my Favorite Maps Include
DCON El Alamein
DCON Gazala
DCON Inshallah Valley
DCON Lost Village
DCON Weapon Bunkers
Wake Island 2007
Road to Jalalabad
Gulf of Oman

watch the video.

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