Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Have I lost the will to game?

Have I lost the urge to game? I find myself asking that question a few times a week as of late. I log into Gungame and log back out only after a few rounds. I cant seem to find the urge to play Dcon unless any of the TL guys are online. I don't think It is me changing I think it may be that there has been a real lack in quality FPS games over the last few years. Not to say that I have played every single one at length,but I spent some time check out various games only to be disappointed at the lack of quality game play and regurgitated lighting,textures and models. wheres the next great game???


Gordon said...

Hey Badfun any time I am on xfire give me a shout. I will play Dcon with ya!!!!!

Pete said...

Badfun, I think you're right.

There hasn't been something revolutionary like BF1942 (or DC) to really tie us together. Subsequent releases in the BF franchise are okay, but nothing really rings our collective bell.

Maybe Crysis or ET: QW will do the trick. One can hope.

Gordon [TL]killerboots said...
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Gordon [TL]killerboots said...

You are right I have not had the relapses at work day dreaming of rtcw or the endless nights with friends battling on BF1942. I have literally caught myself looking a my game folder for ten minutes asking my self "what do i feel like playing". Sigh, where have all the good games gone.

jw johnson said...

I think you said it Badfun. Nothing is just calling my name and making me play right now. DCon isn't bad but, I'm ready for the next...DC

We aren't spoiled are we?

Dharris said...

I believe we are!