Thursday, January 31, 2008

The only REAL conservative canidate PERIOD!

With Super Tuesday Coming fast Ron Paul will get my vote. I am not behind all of Dr. Paul's policy's, however he is the closest to a actual constitutionalist in the race. Everyone says we need change, I agree and the ONLY candidate that has actual change in mind is Dr. Paul. I urge you read up on him if you are in the "he is a kook" camp. The media has attempted to make him into Ralph Nader. I am predicting the following Hillary/Obama vs. Mccain/Giuliani. Outcome Hillary/Obama but either way your in for four years of rape pillage and plunder! Hi ho hi ho its off to spend we go!

Ron paul on wikipedia
this site is really good even more

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StAtiC said...

Ron Paul donkey punches Hillary in the dome!