Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zero Confidence in State records

Zero Confidence in State records is damn skippy! The back story is this, the State of Oklahoma makes the taxpayer bear the burden if proof when a car dealer is incompetent. I bought a car for my wife about 5 years ago however the place we bought it at went out of business.When I made my last payment(on a Friday) The owner told me he would do a lien release on the following Monday. I held up my end made all my payments on time and what not, the used car dealer did not! Now its my problem to prove that I own a car thats been in my possession for almost 6years now. So I jumped threw all the hoops the OK tax commission requires and I receive a letter saying the address THEY gave me is incorrect and I have to start over. Meanwhile you bet your ass they cashed my check I sent them.
The Oklahoma Tax commission are a bunch of cock suckers. If there is anyway from now until the day I die to get back at these fucktards, I will. I swear as God as my witness I will!

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