Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am back !

Even tho I was never "Away" I have been totally gone this past week. Be it Loritab or Percocet And later really did a number on me. I had Gone in for a routine pulp-ectomy when the dentist should have recommended to remove my tooth instead he said lets save it. That was Friday mourning, By Sunday night I could not wait to go back (unlike me I assure you)Monday.
He didn't know what to make of me so he sent me to an older dentist with more experience, He was VERY concerned and sent to to an Oral surgeon post haste. The Surgeon said he had not seen anyone that swollen in years, and he would not sleep that night without taking care of my needs. He had to make an incision below my right jaw and insert a tube (I found out today it was 2.5 inches!) to let the infection drain using gravity. As well as remove the tooth. I went back today to have the tube removed and I feel like a new man.

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