Friday, June 26, 2009

This one cracked me up

I get about 3-4 of these a day on my old email account you know the one you gave out to many times and now is just a place to send your spam too and every once in a awhile you get board and check it.

I saw the teardrops, and I heard you cry . I'm the one you're always thinking of.
Hullo! my new friend! Lonely girl is waiting! :(
I saw your profile on some website and decided to drop you
few lines. I am moving to your area in few days and looking
for a man partner
who could show me around and who knows what might come out of this.
I am moving from the other part of the world.
Send me an email at so we can get to know each other. This is my personal
address I use for correspondence. So use this GMAIL only.
Will send you my photograph once you reply. Oh one more night cos i can't wait forever. I'll be your shoulder when you cry .


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