Sunday, March 25, 2007


I listen to allot of A.M. Talk Radio, one of there biggest advertisers no matter what station you have it tuned to is After hearing there radio spot a few zillion times I decided I would give it a try. What you don't learn until after you sign up is that its free for 30 days then its $12.95 a month. After seeing my credit report and score I decide I better cancel this today or I will forget about it for a while and get charged. After about 15 minutes on there website looking for a "Cancel" link I found that you MUST call them to cancel. The person who answered the first time I called didn't speak English to well and it was difficult to make him understand I wanted to cancel after 10 minutes on the phone I gave up and told myself I'd call the next day. Well I didn't, ya I got charged. During the second call I grabbed my Mp3 player and recorded the last minute or so. Heres what you can expect to deal with if you ever try to cancel. I wish I'd thought of the mp3 player sooner this was the VERY end of a 10 minute call.

Phone call.

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