Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stone Temple Pilots!

STP preformed in Bixby at the Spirt Bank event center tonight, and I got to go :P! I love STP however I was under the impression that they were more of a studio band, boy was I wrong. They were Freaking awesome live. The set list was insane.

-Wicked Garden
-Dead and bloated
-Interstate love song
-Sex type thing
-Lady picture show
-Tripping on a hole in a paper heart
-Lounge Fly
-Big empty
-Sour girl
I am sure I missed a few as well they played for almost 2 hours.
And since it was Scott's birthday we got to sing happy birtday to him.Yes Folks I have sung to STP!I was really pissed that I did'nt take my camera seems like EVERYONE eles had there even tho you were not spose to bring em.STP really has it together right now I can't wait for the new album. Not only did they sound great but they light show was cool and exciting.

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