Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Alien Invisibility Technology

For thousands of years, many aliens have had the technology to create illusions that make objects seem to disappear and later appear. This technology can also change the appearance of objects. For instance, a human can be made to appear to be a tree or a rock etc.

Quite the entertaining read over there.What if Dr. Amitakh Stanford is right?

Alarmingly, the alien "take overs" of human bodies is widespread and expanding rapidly. For example, in Hangzhou, China, many of the population have been taken over or been cloned in the last 3 years in keeping up with the Reptilian advancement in China. Undoubtedly, this activity is not restricted to Hangzhou. It is happening in other parts of China as well as in Japan, Australia and other countries.

"V" a TV Show from the 80's,the aliens were called Reptilians.This guys been doing his research watching reruns.

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