Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pawn Shop find

I have around 20 hours of Video from my old Sony handycam but it died.I have been wanting to get a newer Camcorder but wanted something I could use to Play and burn my old home movies to dvd.Plus I wanted Some of the cool features on the newer cameras.After many hours of searching on ebay only to be out bid!I found this digital8 at a pawn shop here in town.I got it for a good price and it's like new.It was however missing the software that makes it work,I found it in half an hour on teh interweb(Picture Package 1.6 I am only posting this because sony refuses to allow you to download it they are charging 70 dollars for a replacement disk.I also didn't get the Firewaire cable and the analog A/V cables,no worries I ordered two pairs of each off ebay for 20 dollars with shipping.Grand Total Spent $210 dollars. I'm not done tho I still need to read up on what memory stick it uses to take still images.

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