Friday, February 23, 2007

Infernal Demo a must try

I came across a new game demo from Eidos,they are a company thats been around for ever and are responsible for the first few Tomb raiders.This the very first single player game I have been drawn into in years.It sports awesome graphics as well as game physics.Game controls after about 3 minutes are smooth and feel like something you've spent hours playing already.Even though its a shooter you get powers like teleportation,a blast of fiery energy and the ability to drain the soul of the guys you off.The one draw back to the game is the overly bad voice acting,the cut scenes look great but were spoiled for me with bad voice work.The other draw back was the 3rd person FOV. I have always been more a a FPS kinnda guy however after a few short minutes of play I forgot I was in 3rd person. If they had included multiplayer in this game I would rush out and buy it today..........
Most of the time I ran over 200 fps,it's a very good engine.

heres a video I made of the demo.
AMD 64 4200 with a 7900 gt at 1024x768

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